The Rising Tied by Fort Minor

riding the afternoon train / headfull of Shinoda burrowing into my subconscious / runaway thoughts and emotions / frenzied scribbles = my humble thoughts so far ...

:: Fort Minor on The Rising Tied ::

it ain't about kickin' it. it ain't about da blingbling. it ain't about the 'hoes. it ain't about the gangsta-bruddahs ... it's about "life" and a man that's lived and am living it still ... sometimes commentator, most times story-teller, with words and rhymed emotions streaming violently and earnestly out of thy mind and mouth, up close and in your face without the spittle and you'd go along with the ride that is Mike Shinoda's headtrip - reminiscing with clear images of his words formed in thy mindscape - with the subtle glaring irony that what i view within my mind's eye is/are but memories of what i've only seen on the idiot-box and silver screen. for i have not cruised down thy boulevard, if only in my celluloid dreams - a testament to Shinoda's words and music; a journey of a man's life, laid bare to share and i relish the opportunity. with each gripe, each slight, each indignation, each memory, each story; we ride alongside Shinoda, like a buddy would do and we've got his back.

Fort Minor is a solo project set up by Linkin Park EmCee Mike Shinoda, with the new album; The Rising Tied - executive produced by Jay-Z, as well as a shitteload of serious collaborators. *dude ain't mucking about in the value department, innit?* :p

personally, it's my current *pseudo-linkin-park-fix* = no disrespect to Shinoda, whatsoever dood! (becoz he is too "recognizable-a-voice" of LP, innit? :p) ... and he rawks hard here on this debut album of suppressed anger and dammit, it is truly effin' really good and i suspect it'll only get better with repeat-barrages to thy feeble brainears to come (have been loopin' the album for the past coupla hours! *heh*) ... altho thou shall not attempt to use terms like "fresh"/"dope"/"ill" to describe the album, other than it is highly effin' recommended for all LP-aficionados / hiphop/rap/heavy-industrialists and folks who loved the Jay-Z/LP Collision Course album.

(Review Copyrighted AndyHeng 2005)