Guerolito by beck

the artiste listing for Beck's Guerolito remix-album reads like a wet dream promising excursion into alternative-dancescapes ... altho personnally, there are times past when remixes actually make the original song "better" or "more interesting", which is gravy ... but there are oft times when it's on the opposite end of the spectrum ... the thing about remix albums (or even songs) that "bugs" me; is when the resultant sounds are totally "different" from the original, and sometimes even totally unrecognizable. or on the other end of the soundspectrum; when it just sounds like a slackassed version with random programmed techno-dance-beats, much less a prolonged -version, with irritable "noise".

thankfully, Guerolito lies in middle-limbo. with some songs recognizable and distinctive, while retaining the "spirit" of the song (while screwing up the "soul" *hah*) and is actually quite enjoyable, mindlessly so (IMHO).

but perhaps that might be it's lacking (if it can warrant that), becoz after a while; everything is forgettable (as all remixed-versions are, mind) and all you can do is let the music play in the background and groove along only when it catches your attention ... and after a while, it does not. BUT still tis a "fun" album, altho i can hardly recommend this to hardcore faithful-Beck-fans, IMHO - disappointing as it was, for me.

(Review Copyrighted AndyHeng 2005)