One Way Ticket To Hell by The Darkness

t'was with fond memories of The Darkness' previous album when i pickedup the current new release, the weekend just ... and personally, i was a tad disappointed. seems the glam-edge had left somewhat, leaving behind a veiled residue of poser-pop-glam ... hard words, i suppose, but what came out of my speakers moved me not one iota, as much as the previous album did - and moved me it did! accompanying me on my work and long hours, replenishing me with the vigor i did not expect to receive, of coz inclusive of standing atop a mountain ridge and playing my air-guitar to the howling masses that revel below me *ahem* ... but alas, the anthems have but faded ... closest "sound" to Permission To Land would actually be their first single from the album; One Way Ticket and everything else runs chugs along mindlessly down the tracks of mediocrity, admist the meadows where they should've laid to rest when the going was great ... shoulda just checked out the album @ myspace first, innit? :p

i tell myself; "listen to it a coupla more times and maybe you'll get used to it?" = mayhap i will, or mayhap i'll just let it lie in the cd-case for a bit ... i dun "hate" the album, i just don't "like it as much".

(Review Copyright - andyheng 2005)