Horizons by Concave Scream

a frenzied plead for sanity amidst frantic-guitars that seem to be Re-wired / the teetering balance of mood-pop and indie-rock that is Glo / the festering moodscape at the brink of memory's tears of Horizons / the blackhole-aural soundscape of Tides begs for affection and understanding / the luscious High Places melts your dream-senses / Go along for a dire-ride down pop's darkened backstreets / Sold on joe-angsty-pop / the deceptively radio-friendliness of Home sounds too good to be true / go the Distance with burning passion and weary feets / the epic-rock-story of Nobody ... this (to me) is Concave Scream's new album; Horizons.

Concave Scream is Sean (lead vox+guitar), Pann (lead guitar+vox), Dean (drums+percussion) and Andy (bass). what you might not notice is the beautifully-embossed drawings of Andy Yang ... tis been a long while since their '99 album; Three ~ and as matured as they seem now, the trademark-strains of ConcaveScream lingers still and i am proud of having their new album in my collection.

indulge in their videos (horrid sound tho) or checkout their official webbie to have a listen (sample tracks old and new) and/or log unto concavescreamband.blogspot.com for updates and news.


(Review Copyrighted AndyHeng 2005)

ADDED Hidden Track "Nobody":