So Much More Inside by Electro

quite a few peeps had raved over this album, and i happened to catch their latest single on MTV; "Runaway" (enjoyed the melody) ... so wif a wee-bit spare moolah to spend, i decided to get this ... and im pretty darn glad i did!

from the get-go, the jangly-guitar that is such an ident of local alternative-acts (forgive me for im a philistine in matters of local indie bands) is given depth and the production values ARE good and ya can hear the effort and lurve put into it, IMHO. the melodies and tunes were consistent and infectious in most cases. "so much more inside" had me tapping my feet and humming along, especially "Runaway" = rawks ass man! as of now, itz still on "repeat-play" on my player! hahahaha

of coz it helps that keyboard-player; Amanda is such a cutie-pixie-pie... *gush*... Gawd! i sound damn shallow huh? bwahahahaha :p

my humble review of the tracks:

track01. studman
old-skool-indie-happy-rock that reminds me of the early days of Big-O magazine, with the polish of the current indie-rock bands. good shitte!

track02. crowd killer
a heavier subdued-rock tone, wif a tinge of angst ... strangely interesting..

track03. the story of slantboy
lurve tis! quite the indie-brit-sound.

track04. runaway
the only reason enuff for me to buy this album hahaha LOVE THIS! this is their current and second single from the album *freeking infectious melody* - vote them for fav local band in the upcoming MTV Awards leh! :)

track05. feed the cats
weirdly not my cuppa. can't explain it tho... hhmmm...

track06. i see the light
nicely produced soundscape with the appropriate jingle-janglez. nice.

track07. fabled angst machine
haunting slow munber. not half-bad lah. heh.

track08. much more inside
oooohhh... i likie. more of a "produced sound" than the rest, which is fine by me :)

track09. press play
the token "musical interlude" of the album. again, nice soundscape, wif subdued sampled voices. velly japanesey ...

track10. funky ass cartoon
another fun jangly-piece. happy indie-rawk.

track11. i want you
cool bass (a good bass always gets ta me lah). haha a weird-cross between mild-ska and matchbox20... hhmmm... maybe itz just me... would be nice as a single tho IMHO

track12. good time
very brit sounding-influence. would be great as a radio-friendly single.

hey, 11 out of 12 tracks is not too bad!

makes me sorta *proud* of local bands in this instance (not that i abhor others lor). nice one :)

hey, dun just listen to me - check them out for yourselves if ya can... herez their official webbie:

enjoy yourselves. i know i did! :)

(Review Copyright - andyheng 2005)

track01. studman:
track04. runaway:
track10. funky ass cartoon:
track11. i want you (not OG MV):
track12. good time: