3121 by Prince

as the gf exclaimed (new CD in me hand): "eh? he's got name now again?" ~ yes, Prince is back with his name and a new album, titled 3121 and it's as eclectic as it is confused ...

"confused" is what i'll call the title track, 3121 ... while Lolita harks back to days of 1999-yore ... from the chill-out groove of Te Amo Corazon to the funkadelic Black Sweat; with trademark Prince-beats ... from mid-teeny-bopperish Incense and Candles to supreme-electro-fied Love ... from the slow-motown-groove of Satisfied to another trademark-90's- enjoyable ride that is Fury ... from the heavy synth-riff of The Word to a walk-down-memory-lane that is Beautiful, Loved and Blessed (circa late 80's - which is a good thing) with it's infectious toe-tapping-bop-pop ... from the doom-gloom-groove of the Dance to the feet-tapping rock'n'roll romp down funkystreet that is Get On The Boat ... this is Prince back in the game and i enjoy it immensely i do :)

3121 is highly recommended for Prince (nostalgia) fans and for those who'd like to have a bit of retro-funk back in their step :)

(Review Copyrighted AndyHeng 2005)