Frengers by Mew

there's always something about music and particular songs, that actually "define" a project that im/i've working/worked on ... past favs include Linkin Park during the Rouge era or My Chemical Romance during my corporate video tenure - i can't describe the reasons fully (more detailed feature/write-up on this personal-phenom, if ever i get off me arse :p) but nevertheless, "they exist" ... and currently Mew's Frengers (circa 2003) has been in my cd-player for the past 2weeks, ever since i first heard "Am I Wry? No" being played over the speakers, while i was out sourcing for "props" for my current gig and subsequently falling for it madly ...

i dun really know how to describe the album, other than "epic-surreal-indie-rock" (and yes, i know im making a fool of meself here *BAH*) and the high-pitched voice of Jonas Bjerre - lulls me to an epic-sweeping concert-performance amidst the swirling clouds (in my mind), while the tunes lift me up; day-to-the-workday-grind and i am happy with what i hear ... (go read a "proper" review@popmatters) ... hailing from Denmark, Mew ( Jonas Bjerre, Bo Madsen, Jonas Wohlert and Silas Graae) - will be something i'll be sourcing for and relishing, at least for a while longer :)

(Review Copyrighted AndyHeng 2005)

"Frengers is the third album by Danish band Mew, originally released in April 2003.

The title is a portmanteau of the words friend and stranger. A frenger is a person who is "not quite a friend but not quite a stranger" according to the album's accompanying booklet.

Six of the album's ten tracks were previously included on Mew's first two albums Half The World Is Watching Me and A Triumph For Man, both of which saw only limited release until they were subsequently rereleased internationally, but were rerecorded for Frengers. The other four are original recordings."