Analogue by A-Ha

and as of now, i have (on repeat play again), A-Ha's new studio album, complete with an uber cool album sleeve designed by Martin Kvamme) ... and its released in conjunction/celebration with their 20th anniversary since Take On Me entered the charts. 20 years! KAOZ!

while searching online for the music video for their new single; "Celice" (available on the DVD - song nice but video had a techno-version going on which bugged me quite a bit and hence the search ...), i found Take On Me instead! and it sent me on a crashzoomflashback in time to me foolishfoolish teenge years ~ where i remembered taping a transparency unto the teeveee screen at home, to trace the outline/drawing of Mortan Harket's cartoon off a video-taped music video! ahahahahahahahaha ~ quite farnie lah ~ :p

dun tell me you never emo along with The Sun Always Shines On TV?

i've always been a faithful fan and listener of A-Ha (wif a "hypen" okay? :p), up til until Minor Earth Major Sky, where everything else from then onwards sounded hoohum already (but still i bought their albums irregardless! seow ~ right? ahahahaha *bleh*) ~ until now ... am begining to really like and enjoy the Analogue songlist ... or mayhaps their sound/music now reminds me a lot of their earlier albums?

regardless, tis a recommended album for alla youse A-Ha-"retro"-fans lah ahahahahaha ... altho i would haveta say; nothing could ever beat their "Scoundrel Days" album (my favourite) ... i think i'll go dig look thru my piles of CDs for that album now ...

"We sit and watch umbrellas fly
I'm trying to keep my newspaper dry
I hear myself say,
"My boat's leaving now" we shake hands and cry
Now I must wave goodbye
Wave goodbye"

(Review Copyrighted AndyHeng 2005)