Confessions On A Dance Floor by Madonna

first heard Madonna's new album from the disco-thumpin'-speakers of a local CD-shop; which got me interested (not least her "Hung Up" single *shudder*) and plonking down some moolah fer it post-haste ... after which the first a coupla listens, Madonna's tracks started to sound the same ... which is sorta good (*heh*) in a way; coz of the non-stop-seamless dance-tracks (great for "retro-themed" parties, eh? *heh*) ... bad, coz everything's the same ... can't fault the woman for tryin', innit? ... altho i'd rather have "borrowed" this from a friend or not, ya know what ima sayin' here? *muahahahahahaha* ... altho i'd rather err on the side of caution, what with these problems that are poppin' out of the musicwoodwork, innit? *thank gawd im on a Mac* heh :p

(Review Copyrighted AndyHeng 2005)