Truth be told, I initially did not have the intention to click on and watch this - I have not been dfollowing the program, and am generally unfamilar with what's going on, except for sporadic watches for clips on YouTube ... but then I realised they'd covered IU's Love Peom", I had to give it a try, and I am left quivering in touched tears...

This performance was in Episode 8 of Mnet's KINGDOM" LEGENDARY WAR performance challenge show, where this season saw a line-up of South Korean boy groups vie for Top Spot.

Episode 8 had a theme of "No Limits", and in this particular performance, the trio of singers seen+heard here consisted of EunKwang of BtoB, JongHo of Ateez and SeungMin of Stray Kids, and they slayed the vocals. While everyone else was pulling out the stops in staging and story, they - known as "MAYFLY" Vocal Unit - just stood on raised stages and sang their hearts out. F88k that was beautiful.

Behind The Scenes (No English subs):

Yegawds the auto-English translation is rubbish tho LOL

One of the main reasons why I am not actively following any Kpop Boy Groups, is the overwhelming amount of machismo from most groups - which I can understand the appeal for, having enjoyed my fair share in my early sonic memories - but now I have lost the taste for ... but really appreciated this performance, where we can see their vocal talents/abilities, striped back from the dance moves, IMHO.

Featured up top is the full performance version, while embedded below is the version aired on Mnet, featuring the reactions of the participating bands...

Here is IU performing "Love Poem" live, and I certainly hope she'll have a chance to check out her song performed by MAYFLY... and of course I am left AGAIN with tears, after listening to IU's ... D'oh!



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