Live Performances by LeeHi (이하이)

Live Performances by South Korean soloist LeeHi (이하이), featuring songs from her just released album from AOMG "4 ONLY" (, showcasing both her wondrous singing voice and performance charisma, and I'm loving her to bits more than I had ever before these performances! ENJOY YOUR LISTENS!

ABOVE: Live Performance Day 1
00:00 ONLY
04:12 그대의 의도
07:47 구원자 (Feat. B.I)
11:29 물타기
14:40 Bye

Live Performance Day 2
00:00 빨간 립스틱 (Feat. 윤미래)
03:27 머리어깨무릎발 (Feat. 원슈타인)
07:01 어려워
09:42 안전지대
12:12 Darling