"Incompetence" (無能 Munō?)" by österreich (OP for #TokyoGhoul2)

With the "announcement" of the impending 3rd season of Japanese anime "Tokyo Ghoul", I thought I'd take a longingly look back at one of my fav anime, specifically at the opening theme song for the 2nd season: "Incompetence" (無能 Munō?)", performed by österreich. Seen above is the actual MV, while below is the anime's opening sequence.

WHO-IS: "The newly formed österreich is a solo project by Kunimitsu Takahashi, the former guitarist of "the cabs." The cabs broke up in February 2013 before going on a planned record release tour. Takahashi briefly disappeared before the band split, and later blamed the break up on his own "laziness" and mental difficulties at the time.

In March 2015 österreich released a single "Muno", guest starring Ai Kamano of the alternative rock band haisuinonasa as a vocalist. The song was used as the 2nd Tokyo Ghoul Season's Opening Song."

(Above: CD cover art)