OST Preview for "Kekkai Sensen" / "Blood Blockade Battlefront" Anime

In addition to the Opening and Ending songs, the soundtrack heard is an inspired approach to the modern dwellings of "Hellsalem" that which once was "New York City", in the fictional world of "Kekkai Sensen" AKA "Blood Blockade Battlefront" anime!

A preview of five tracks from the OST - with music composed by Iwasaki Taisei - has hit the net, and previewed here. The soundscape features a rich fusion of big band, swing, jazz ("Catch Me If You Can, Snap Out", "Footloose") - which truly fills the anime with a certain depth somewhat associated with the grandeur and glamour of old time big tunes, IMHO. There's also a tinge of "fun pop" with "Toy Blues", and of course the pre-requisite "heavy" opening theme. Have a listen.

UPDATED: All tracks since uploaded on youtube. The OST can now be purchased now on Amazon!

"Blood Blockade Battlefront overflows with detail, and so does the music. The recording is said to have taken place not just in Japan, but in countries around the world including in America, where the story is set, and Israel in the Middle East. The original soundtrack spans two discs and comes in a tri-fold sleeve case. There are 40 songs in total spanning 106 minutes.

The album also features the TV size version of “Hello, World!”, the opening theme by Bump of Chicken. The song caught on after it was released with a promotional video before the broadcast began. There is no doubt that this will be an indispensable item for fans. Further details including the song list will be announced on the official site once they are determined. The soundtrack will be released on July 15 and cost 3,300 yen (plus tax)."
- reported Otaku Mode.


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