Cornelius + salyu × salyu for Ghost In the Shell: ARISE OST

And while I might have mixed feelings about my personal viewing of all four parts of the Ghost In the Shell: ARISE series, one thing I am absolutely certain of my positive feelings for, is the opening theme from Composer: Keigo "Cornelius" Oyamada, which lead me to his other similarly ethereal clubdubtunes from earlier albums (thanks to youtube - more on them in a later post or three :p).

Meanwhile, embedded below is the first track, of which the entire OST can be had on

One specific song from the OST of Ghost In the Shell: ARISE which gripped my attention as well, is "Jibun Ga Inai" ("じぶんがいない") from salyu × salyu - the original : studio version: MV embedded above ... Cornelius has also produced songs from salyu × salyu in the past as well, with the below music video for "hanashitai anata to" ("話したいあなたと") from her first album "「s(o)un(d)beams」" circa 2011, from label "Toy's Factory".