"THE WITCH'S DINER" OST (Tracks #1-#6)

And while I am preparing a post+review of "마녀식당으로 오세요" / "THE WITCH'S DINER" (which I devoured over the weekend 'grammed & tweeted), I'd tracked down the OST of this KDRAMA, specifically the 6 tracks featured below (excluding the music score, which you can listen to here on YouTube, and digitally on music.bugs.co.kr). Enjoy.

TRACK #1. "Holding On"
Performed by Se.A(세아)
Lyrics by Se.A
Composed by 허성진, Se.A
Arranged by 허성진

TRACK #2. "Alone"
Performed by JUNNY(주니)
Lyrics by JUNNY(주니)
Composed by 허성진, JUNNY(주니), Dunk
Arranged by 허성진, Dunk

TRACK #3. "Fair Dish"
Performed by YESEO(예서)
Lyrics by YESEO(예서)
Composed by 디오리, 이소원
Arranged by 디오리, 이소원

TRACK #4. "Please"
Perfoemed by 한승우(VICTON)
Lyrics by Summer Kim(CLEF), BenAddict(CLEF), CLEF CREW
Composed by 박원준(CLEF), WDLM(CLEF), BenAddict(CLEF), CLEF CREW
Arranged by 박원준(CLEF), WDLM(CLEF), BenAddict(CLEF)


TRACK #5. "그런사람"
Performed by Sondia
Lyrics by 허성진
Composed by 허성진
Arranged by 허성진, Dunk

TRACK #6. "Holding On (Piano Ver)"
Performed by Se.A(세아)


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