ATOMIC BLONDE’s Retro-Song themed “Chapters” Promo Clips

Feature film “ATOMIC BLONDE” has since unleashed three video promos titled “Chapter 1: Father Figure”, “Chapter 2: The Politics of Dancing” and Chapter 3: Major Tom” - which essentially features retro 80s music tracks set to the visuals - which stars Charlize Theron as a kick-ass secret agent, directed by David Leitch (co-director of “John Wick”), for which you can view trailers and read more on my film-hobby blog !

BUT in this particular post, I feature both the Atomic Blonde clips, alongside the Original Music Videos of the songs it features! The film certainly hits the retro-tunes sweet-spot, starting with Blue Monday too! I’ll be looking forward to the film’s OST / Soundtrack album tho :p

”Chapter 1: Father Figure” / MV by George Michael

”Chapter 2: The Politics of Dancing” / MV by Re-Flex

”Chapter 2: Major Tom” / OG MV by Peter Schilling