“Within You'll Remain”: An Iconic Pop Song of the 80's in Singapore / Sandy Lam's 2016 Version

“Local-Singaporean band Tokyo Square's Within You'll Remain has to be one of the most enduring (if not endearing) local songs of the 80's - and as prolific as a local pop-song, and I would dare say even "iconic", IMHO. Admittedly, we never really gave it it's due and respect back then, most times belittling it because it had used oriental/chinese songs/tunes as influences. We labeled it "obiang" or "or-bit" (ie: backward and tasteless) because of that musical-mashup.

And as the butt of jokes it's popularity maintain at the lips of most folks ... which thinking back, was as "powerful" as any promotional marketing campaign could attain. And decades later I’m having a hard time to track down any tangible information about Max Surin and Tokyo Square on the www.”
(First blogged circa 2007 / Read more of my impressions on #flashback80s).

"Within You'll Remain" was a song written by Donald Ashley for his Hong Kong band, Chyna, originally released in 1983 (Source), to which Tokyo Square covered in 1985. Over 3 decades later, it had been covered by Julia Hsu and now Sandy Lam from Hong Kong (MV featured below);