The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open feat. Beck / Behind The Scenes for CG by The Mills

Featured above is The Chemical Brothers latest single "Wide Open" (from their album "Born In The Echoes" - available to purchase o Amazon / link below) - and while I had been a staunch fan in the early-mid 2000s, I've since not paid much attention to their releases … with this beige the exception, primarily because of the "Behind the Scenes" making of the mv I chanced upon Facebook, featuring the CG-works of The Mill on this Dom&Nic-directed project starring dancer; Sonoya Mizuno.

"The Mill recently collaborated with award winning directing duo Dom&Nic to bring Chemical Brothers’ brand new video ‘Wide Open’ to life.
The enthralling promo, which uses a range of highly technical visual effects techniques, has since gone viral, prompting the question; Just how did The Mill turn world renowned dancer Sonoya Mizuno see-through?"
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