GBI: German Bold Italic by Kylie Minogue x Towa Tei

A blast-from-the-recent-past but yet an ever dance classic, reminding me of thy clubbing days (In the imagination of my Mind, perhaps) and never ending fashion photoshoots and catwalks (also in my mind only, fhanks). Expect a whole lot of Towa Tei to come, along with electronica brethren like Fantastic Plastic Machine et al - reliving the heady and fun days of techno-pop-FUN :)
""GBI: German Bold Italic" was a single from Towa Tei's 1998 album Sound Museum. The song is a collaboration with Australian singer Kylie Minogue. At the time, Tei was best known as one of the DJs behind New York club sensations Deee-Lite, having produced their biggest hit "Groove Is In The Heart" (and appearing in the promotional video, from which some audio blips were re-used on this single); Minogue meanwhile was going through a difficult point in her musical career - critics were praising her musical ventures on the Deconstruction Records, but the public were failing to warm to it, particularly the Impossible Princess album. Minogue decided to add vocals to this techno-influenced dance record and the result is probably the most avant-garde entry in her entire discography (and probably the most unknown)." (Wiki)

(Pics via / The font used on the covers IS "German Bold Italic")