Opening & Ending Songs for ARISE - ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE (Eps 1-2) #GhostInTheShell

"ARISE - ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE" is a new anime series based on re-edited / recompilation of the four original "ARISE" - Ghost in The Shell animated films in a television format, launched April 5th, 2015 in Japan. And while I'll delve deeper into my immersions on my I Not Otaku and I Like TeeVee blogs, this blog-post however features the opening and ending themes heard!

Opening Theme is "Anata wo Tamotsu Mono (あなたを保つもの)" by Maaya Sakamoto (audio only embedded above), and embedded below is the Ending Theme "Split Spirit" by Yukihiro Takahashi & METAFIVE (Keigo Oyamada × Yoshinori Sunahara × Towa Tei × Tomohiko Kondou × Leo Imai) - which was also used/heard in the animated film ARISE 4: "Ghost Stands Alone" - for which the first two episodes of the tv series presents (Info via).